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Taken From: Salmon Cookbook

1. Cut off the head and tail sections of the dressed and scaled salmon, leaving a 2-pound centercut, or "darne."

2. From a midline incision down the spine fillet both
sides, leaving the spine and all bones to be discarded.
Use kitchen pliers to remove any other bones remaining
in the meat.

3. With the skin sides down, sprinkle half of the salt-
sugar-pepper mixture evenly over the exposed meat
of each fillet.

4. Place one fillet, skin side down, in a shallow glass or earthenware dish, and cover completely with a thick layer of the dill, freshly chopped to release its bouquet.

5. Place the second fillet, skin side up, over the first, arranging the top piece front to back if necessary to completely cover the underlying piece. Add all
remaining dill and sugar-salt-pepper over and around
the fish.

6. Cover and wrap the fillets and the dish in aluminum
foil, and place a wooden cutting board or other weight
over the fish. Refrigerate for 48 hours, pouring off the
fluid each day. To serve, cut the slices away from the
skin on a slight bias as with smoked salmon.

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