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Building the Terrine Maison
Taken From: Ducks & Geese Cookbook

1. After placing a decorative bay leaf shiny side down
on the bottom of the empty terrine, line the interior of
the terrine with pork fatback thinly sliced.

2. Mix the ground forcemeat, egg and spices thoroughly with your hands, incorporating all the bits without
reducing the particle size.

3. Pack half of the forcemeat into the terrine carefully, compacting the mixture to avoid air spaces.

4. Create a layer of the whole breast meat slices,
leaving some space between the slices.

5. Cover the forcemeat with more fatback, and then
a layer of foil. Place the terrine in a bain marie, or larger oven dish that will hold 1 inch of boiling water, prior to introducing the terrine into a preheated 350°F oven for
2 hours.

6. When the cooked terrine is removed from the oven
allow it to cool slightly, and then carefully remove the
foil. Place a new foil cover over the terrine, and then
place a weight on the terrine and allow it to stand
overnight. The weighting is important in producing a
dense forcemeat that slices easily.


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