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Breasting the Bird and Bringing the Bone
Taken From: Ducks & Geese Cookbook

1. With the bird fully picked and cleaned, use a sharp, pointed knife to cut the skin in a line running from just
above one wing, down below the breast meat on one
side, and following a straight line to the cavity. Repeat
this cut on the other side.

2. Using a pair of kitchen shears follow the two cuts previously made, clipping through the ribs and cartilaginous tissue along the sides of the breasts.

3. Continue clipping, until you reach the collar bone.
Then, using a sharp, pointed knife, separate the
collar bone from the carcass at the outside points
of the "Y" at the shoulder socket.

4. Using the point of a sharp knife remove the wishbone from the breast.

5. Lift the double breasts in one hand and separate the remaining skin and tissue connecting to the carcass with
a knife.

6. The pair of breasts with bone in may be braised as is,
or separated by filleting each breast from the bone, and splitting the skin.

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