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Carving the Roast Goose or Duck
Taken From: Ducks & Geese Cookbook

1. When the bird had reached an internal breast meat temperature of 145°F the meat will be rare, but the legs
will still be raw at the second joint. When the internal second joint temperature is 160°F the bird will be
cooked throughout and should be taken from the oven
and allowed to rest on a warm platter for 10 minutes
before carving.

2. With the bird breast up, using a narrow, pointed
knife, cut off the legs at the hip joint. This is done by
circling the skin at the base of the leg with the blade
of the knife cutting down to the hip joint. The joint is opened with the tip of the knife, and the remaining skin separated. Place the legs on a separate platter, and
return to the oven for further cooking if necessary.

3. Remove the wings with a narrow, pointed knife by circling the skin at the base of the wing, and cutting
down to the joint. Separate as with the leg.

4. Repeat the removal of each leg and wing on the
opposite side of the bird in the same fashion.

5. To remove the entire breast, begin on one side with
a vertical cut as close to the breastbone as possible,
cutting down and along the length of the breast, and
then filleting out the entire breast in one piece. Repeat
the process on the other side.

6. Arrange the carved slices in a fan-shaped pattern,
slightly overlapping one another, leaving space for the garnish and sup-porting recipe components.

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